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Objective: The purpose of this blog is to help the reader understand the trends VoIP technology consumers create when it comes to managing and using their communication channels. Understanding this will certainly provide other customers with the visibility needed for them to determine whether a feature is suitable for their needs and the proper way to leverage these.

Getting started with VoIP telephony can sometimes be overwhelming, whether you are a residential user or a business owner. However, a good starting point can be to understand what are the top 5 most sought-after features we offered by a VoIP phone system. In March 2022 Forbes wrote an article enlisting the top 20 most useful VoIP phone features for business. Combining the information provided in the article with our internal expertise, we broke down what the top 5 most useful VoIP features likely are. We will talk a bit about each of them and provide examples of situations in which you can best utilize each of them to your unique advantage. If you are a residential customer you might learn about how some of these features, for a very low cost, might bring you benefits. If you are a business owner, knowing the most used features can give you a competitive advantage and help you improve your communication systems, and depending on the niche your business operates, give you an opportunity to increase your earnings by implementing some of them.


Call Forwarding

This is a very useful tool if you need to reroute an inbound call. There are specific cases where this specific feature excels, picture those independent workers, always in the field, how will they respond to new customers’ inquiries if they are in the field most of the day? Easy! They will just need to quickly route their DIDs towards a Call Forwarding rule to their mobile numbers and voilà! Productiveness is boosted with the flow of new customers uninterrupted at the same time current orders are being addressed. But this is not beneficial to business owners exclusively, you can go everywhere knowing certainly calls to your “Home” number will reach you wherever you are.

IVR + CallerID Filter

Following “Call Forwarding” real close we would need to mention this duet, more and more people are currently learning they can completely get rid of calls by combining two, of these easy-to-set-up features. The principle behind this can’t be any simpler, routing a DID number towards a Digital Receptionist or IVR would filter up to 90% of the robocalls you may receive at any given moment. And if you add the extra step of implementing a few CallerID Filter rules, you will end up with a set of impenetrable filters and stop worrying about which one is a legitimate call and which another call is not.

Call Recording + Call Transcription

Require to keep a log of all communications that go out and come into your telephony network? No problem at all, most VoIP providers have this service available, you will simply need to specify which calls are you recording, inbound or outbound and you will keep records of what’s being said of your conversations, in the case of businesses this is a wonderful tool, especially if you happen to combine it with our Call Transcription feature, you will not only have the audio recordings in real-time, you will also have a text file you can search for keywords, making large amounts of info be easily searchable.


Calling Queue

Mainly used and implemented by businesses, it can easily boost their productivity by expanding limitations on the number of users for a specific line, for example, you could easily set up a call center for inbound communication by leveraging a call queue, all inbound calls to a specific DID are then routed towards a call queue, customers will be then greeted by a voice and a specific treatment carefully thought for distributing high amounts of inbound calls to a certain number of in-house users or agents. With this, you would be leveraging a PBX feature by just using a few clicks.

Virtual Fax

You may ask yourself, how come fax is still a thing nowadays? Well, it certainly is required by many people, in both residential and business kinds of use, being an approved, certified way of communication with formal legal acceptance, legal offices, as well as health and care-taking facilities, need to have the capability to send and receive faxes. This, without mentioning how easy is to set up and the high level of security it presents for their peers.

In conclusion, among our extensive list of features, these 5 represent the top of the game when it comes to getting the most out of your phone service with us. Need help with any feature in particular? Want some tips to combine more than one feature in your setup? Please do not hesitate to contact us via Live Chat or through Email Ticket at [email protected], our Support Staff will gladly guide you through it, thanks!


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