Going Away for a Few Months and You Do Not Want to Lose Your Phone Number?

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Going away for few months and you don’t want to lose your number? You are not the only one wondering what your available options are here. One easy way out: use a pay-as-you-go VoIP provider like VoIP.ms . In this article, we will discuss a solution that is not only good for you, but also for your wallet.

Ever heard of number portability?

Of course, you can keep your phone number with your current provider. However, you will have to keep paying for your plan even when you are not using it. Thus, making it quite a bad choice. Why pay for something that you are not using, right?

VoIP.ms offers you a much better choice. Rather than keeping your phone number with your current provider - you can transfer the number with VoIP.ms and keep it active there, while you are away for a few months (or years!). You might be thinking, "What is the difference, it all sounds the same?"

No, it is not the same. By porting your number with VoIP.ms - you do not have to pay for your monthly plan that you would do with your current provider. For as low as $0.85/month, VoIP.ms will keep your number active. Thus, VoIP.ms will not only allow you to retain your number, but also make great savings. There is a difference, right?

For more information or to get started with the transfer of your number, check out this video.

This is great, but can I do something about the calls and SMS that I will receive while I am away?

We understand you do not want to miss out on your important calls and messages while you are away. Fortunately, there are multiple options available for you.

1. Get it forwarded to another number

The first option is to have your calls and messages forwarded to a new number wherever you go. Whenever you will receive a call or message on your current number, it will get forwarded to your new number. Thus, ensuring that you don't miss out on any important calls or messages.

2. Voicemail and SMS to e-mail

If you do not want to (or can’t) have your calls forwarded to another number, you can set up your VoIP.ms account so that you receive your voicemails and your SMS directly in your e-mail inbox. You can even get a transcript of your voicemail message!

3. Softphones Compatibility

VoIP.ms is compatible with popular softphones such as GrandStreamMicroSIP, or Bria. In a nutshell, a softphone is a software that can be installed on your mobile device for making and receiving calls over the Internet. Therefore, by installing one of these softphones on your mobile device, you can keep answering calls and messages even when you are away.

Final Thoughts

Changing phone numbers over and over again is a tedious and cumbersome task, especially when you are going away for just a few months. Therefore, rather than paying your monthly plan, transfer your number to VoIP.ms and keep it active there for a fraction of the cost. Check out this tutorial video for additional guidance on how to get started with VoIP.ms.

Note 1: Please note that message forward only works in USA and Canada.


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