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Today 45,9% of the businesses are focusing on how to improve their customer’s experience, this is far ahead of the pricing, considered as a priority by only 20.5% of the companies and products with a small 35%.

It’s undeniable today the CX or customers’ experience is a must-have for businesses, why? Because more than 85% of the customers are ready to pay more for a better experience! And if the experience is not good, your client’s solution is radical: Churn.

Businesses can strongly increase their revenues as compared to their competitors: Adobe recently found that companies with omnichannel customers’ engagement strategies are enjoying a 10% year over year growth, it’s not insignificant. So, let’s see how SMS and MMS can boost your sales!

You must allow Your Customers to Text You

One way to boost your customer experience significantly is by allowing them to text you. Most of your customers are already using text messaging all day to communicate with their family and friends. In fact, around 70% of the customers across all ages groups will prefer to contact a business through text messaging. More than 50% of the customers feel frustrated when they are not able to do so. Thus, why not use text messaging and leverage the most preferred customer communication method to business advantage? SMS is not only useful to create engagement with your customers, you can also use them to generate new leads and improve their experience.

Let us deep dive into some of the ways in which text messaging can boost your customer experience

How Text Messaging Improves Customer Experience?

1. Customers Find It Easier To Reach Businesses

Let’s be honest. No customer likes to wait for a phone call or email from a business. Whether it is for an upcoming appointment or a simple question about business services – they want a fast, quick, and accurate information. Thus, the quick access to information from a two-way texting service can give your business that much-needed advantage versus your competition! Moreover, the open line of communication helps your business to build credibility. Through text messaging, customers know they can reach out to your business anytime – as and when needed. So, integrating SMS and MMS in your communications channels are an easy way to improve your customer’s experience. Discover the Benefits of SMS/MMS Campaign VS. Email Marketing.

2. It Allows Effective and Clear Communication

Around 90% of the text messages are read within the first three minutes of delivery. This sounds nice to your ears? Wait, did you know that Texting a prospect after initial contact can increase conversions rates by 112.6%, sound huge, isn’t it ? Another interesting statistic, sending 3 or more follow-up text messages to prospects increases conversions by as much as 328%. Thus, allowing your business to communicate using text messaging will help your sales but will also help you to faster diagnose any problem and offer light speed solutions to your customers, faster than ever before, with more efficiency. Moreover, customers can also share with you any additional information quickly, this will assist you in offering seamless services to your valued customers. This clear and easy communication will be a cutting-edge advantage for your business.

3. Customer Can Give Feedback Immediately

Customers feel more satisfied when they feel that their opinion is being heard. Of course, you are identifying and solving their problems or bringing fast answers right away through text messaging. But when you give them a chance to give feedback, they get to know that they are more than valued customers, because they feel more valued, they are more likely to return with more business in the future. Additionally, their feedback will also help you improve your service for other customers going forward.

Final Thoughts

Allowing your customers to text you is one of the easiest to use and powerful tool to boost their experience with you! With your customers already texting hundreds, if not thousands of times in a day, it becomes simpler to leverage it to your advantage. Therefore, start allowing your customers to text you and gain more revenue as compared to your competitors, and with our MMS service you are capable to send and receive media files! If you think that sending a lot of messages could be a problem, don’t worry! You are covered with our SMPP service to increase efficiency and saving time when you want send a special promotion to all your customers.


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