Which Softphone Is The Best For You

Which Softphone Is the Best for You?

22 September 2022

Did you struggle when you had to choose the best softphone for your VoIP services? Or maybe you are just new to VoIP and are looking for the best softphone option. Do you know when and why to use a softphone? 

A VoIP softphone is an app that mimics the function of an IP Phone, allowing Voice Over IP technology users to make or receive calls, ultimately enabling them to communicate using generic hardware instead of a specialized phone unit. Suppose you want to leverage a Voice Over IP service and do not want to deal with specific hardware such as IP Phones and ATA adapters or get entangled in intricate configurations when setting up an IP PBX or a SoftSwitch. In that case, the VoIP softphone system option is perfect for you. Or maybe you want to start making calls with your VoIP.ms account using your computer or mobile device.  

We will provide a comprehensive guide covering the most relevant aspects when choosing the best VoIP softphone software. The list has been made based on five popular providers within the VoIP.ms community: 


  1. Acrobits 
  1. Bria 
  1. Grandstream Wave 
  1. Linphone 
  1. Zoiper 

Which Softphone Is the Best for You? 1


Acrobits is one of the pioneer companies providing softphone solutions. Their VoIP softphone solution has been around since 2009 for everyone. One year later, they released a version of their SIP solution with business features called Groundwire. Both of their solutions, available for Android, Apple, and Desktop (Windows or iOS), offer the most sought-after features in Voice Over IP communications, such as Secure Call (with support for multiple ZRTP ciphering algorithms), push notifications for incoming calls, and messaging. Acrobits also offers white-label capabilities, allowing corporate users to customize their solutions with their logos and information.  

Another remarkable thing to point out from Acrobits softphone is its capability to have an environment where users can move seamlessly from their mobile versions to the desktop versions and vice-versa. In recent versions, they have also added video support, allowing users to host or join video conference calls without any inconvenience (as long as the VoIP provider allows video transmission). Acrobits offers a very robust tool in both the regular client version and the business-oriented Acrobits Groundwire.  


Bria softphone is another strong contestant in the SIP softphone market, also available since 2009. Their solutions catalog goes beyond softphone solutions (Bria Solo, which has a free version). In conjunction with their desktop app, Bria Teams, Bria allows their users to use VoIP communication, team messaging features, video conferencing, and screen sharing. Bria software has included all the necessary tools for successful communication, plus benefits ranging from an in-built call recording button to capabilities to import your contacts from other instances such as Active Directory. They offer a solution focused on softphone SIP solutions for Mac Address Book and Microsoft Outlook. Their auto-answer feature can be configured to elaborate things, such as enabling team members to broadcast their availability from within the app. Bria is also compatible with leader PBX developers such as Asterisk and FreePBX. Targeted to a more corporate customer, Bria phone and its solutions can significantly be one of the best softphones for businesses.  

Grandstream Wave (GS Wave) 

Grandstream is a known pioneer in the VoIP industry. Its quality products range from ATAs (Analog Telephone Adapters), IP Phones, and more complex solutions such as PBXs. A new solution was born from this last niche, and that is how Grandstream Wave came to life. Though initially a solution to work from desktop, web, and mobile environments, GS Wave can work seamlessly with their UCM6300 IP PBX. However, its reach is not just limited to that. Nowadays, the Grandstream softphone client can be used as a standalone application that will offer all of the benefits an IP Phone has with just a few clicks to configure it properly. The setup curve might be slightly steeper than some of the competitors in this list; still, it is quite a great option to leverage VoIP services fully.  


This list could not be complete if we omitted Linphone. Linphone (short for Linux Phone) is a free, open-source SIP softphone solution that can be used for audio and video calls as a standalone client or through a VoIP Softswitch or IP PBX. They originated from the need of Linux users to have a softphone solution. Still, nowadays, it supports multiple platforms such as Windows and macOS on the desktop side as well as Windows Phone, iOS, and Android on the mobile side of communications. The setup is perhaps a bit difficult for non-tech-savvy users. Still, being an open-source solution, the documentation online on their website and in multiple related forums will help those who choose this solution.  


Lastly, Zoiper Classic or Zoiper5 is one of the market's most popular SIP softphone solutions, acclaimed by many users as the best SIP softphone. With multi-platform support (Apple, Android, and Desktop), Zoiper is the go-to solution for a large sector of the VoIP industry. Regardless of their profile, residential and business users find Zoiper a desirable alternative due to its robustness while offering a friendly interface for most users. For corporate users, Zoiper softphone, besides all the essential communication features, also provides Push notifications, client branding, API interaction, and SDK solutions, which give the more skilled users a development kit to tweak and customize their interface entirely. Zoiper's setup, as well as its interface, is easy to use, minimizing the learning curve for those users that only require the essential functions. A must-check from all the options available out there.   

Which Softphone Is the Best for You? 2

There are multiple SIP softphone services, some very minimalistic and some more complex to set up and use. The list of possibilities is almost endless, and in addition to the ones mentioned above, it's also worth naming  Jitsi and MizuPhone/MizuDroid, both multi-platform, with free versions. MicroSIP, also free,  is a good option for the exclusive use of Windows platform users, and Telephone, a straightforward but handy app complete for MAC users.   

While some softphone solutions are easier to set up, others offer a more competitive price. All these solutions are fully compatible with VoIP.ms. Check our Wiki article for a complete list of all the softphones supporting our services.  


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