Back to Basics, What is a Softphone and How to Leverage It?

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A softphone is a computer-based software program that mimics the action of a physical telephone and allows you to receive, make and manage voice calls over the internet from any device that has a speaker and a microphone. In other words, you can place and receive VoIP calls through tablets, smartphones, and PCs.

How Can Businesses Make Use of Softphones?

There are number of different businesses who choose to make use of softphone as opposed to traditional phones in order to save money. Since it is a software application, it can be added to any existing device. And as a result, there is no need for a business to invest in any additional hardware requirement. That being said, softphones are more scalable than any other communication option.

Businesses can install software and can get started right away. That way, it is simpler, faster and cheaper to start making and receiving calls over the internet. This can be a great deal for small businesses and startups, who have just started and do not want to spend heavily on buying new hardware for their communication requirement. Following are some of the advantages of softphones.

1. Flexibility

One of the major advantages of the softphone is that you can access all of the features of your business phone from your smartphone, computer and/or tablet. As long as you are connected to the internet, there is no place where you can’t make or receive a call.

2. Good for Telecommuters

A softphone is especially good for people who are always on the go, because of their work commitments, yet want to stay in touch with their colleagues and clients. In addition to this, even the remote workers can install the software application on their smartphones and use for all of their business-related work. Additionally, you can adjust the callerID that will be passed while the user places a call from the softphone. Thus, any calls that has been placed from the softphone will have a company number appearing on it. So, as an employee, you do not have to worry about your privacy.

3. Multiple Features

You can also get access to all the features that are provided by your service provider and are available to use on your normal VoIP phones. Features like call forwarding, recording, ring groups, conferencing and direct inward calling. Thus, you don’t have to worry about losing on any features while using a softphone.

4. Low Cost

For someone who is looking to cut down their business cost, a softphone is a viable option to do so. With no equipment required, a business can save a lot of money. In addition to this, there is no requirement of any upgrades and maintenance as well. Consequently, saving you further money.

5. More Desk Space

With no physical device on your desk, you have less amount of clutter to deal with. No bulky equipment and wires will only make you less distractive.
Although softphones are most often associated with mobile or home users, office workers are also choosing to use softphones as a convenient replacement for traditional desk phones because of the facility and money saving as mentioned above.


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