10 Examples of IoT Devices

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What is IoT? IoT refers to the family of objects that are connected to the internet. A connected device can transmit and receive data from other devices, thus making it part of the larger IoT ecosystem. Because they are connected to the internet, it gives people the authority to control and manage such devices from anywhere in the world. Thus, offering more comfort and convenience to consumers.

From connected thermostats to smart locks, we will see the most useful and trendy objects and finally we will see how VoIP.ms can integrate into your environment and bring additional comfort and an extra layer of security to your smart locks.

10 Examples of IoT devices

1. Smart Thermostats

Smart control thermostats have revolutionized the way people heat their homes. These smart devices have sensors to detect the different activities happening inside your home. Based on this data, they automatically adjust the home heating to suit your requirements. You can also control these smart thermostats using specific mobile applications.

2. Smart Speakers

In the smart home segment, smart speakers were the first devices that people used inside their homes. With the evolving technology, smart speakers have gone well beyond playing music and audiobooks. They can even tell what you have planned on a specific day if you sync them up with your calendar or smartphone.

3. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is the type of IoT device that is meant to make life easier for people. If you have smart light bulbs inside your home along with a smart hub, you can then use your voice to control the lighting and even to set the color you want to have. Moreover, these IoT devices also help you to save big on energy consumption and utility bills. Therefore, you get both, convenience as well as savings.

4. Smart Air Quality Monitor

Ensuring good health for all family members is of paramount importance for everyone. This is where a smart air quality monitor can help you. Such IoT devices can quickly notify of you any change in the air quality and will also tell you about the different volatile organic compounds in the air.

5. Smart Vacuum

Smart vacuum devices are one of the best devices in the overall IoT ecosystem. Such devices will help you save bags of time. They can navigate every corner of your home and clean them effectively. Thus, allowing you to stay on top of the cleanliness of your smart home. No more unwanted crumbs anymore.

6. Smart Sleep Monitor

Having a good night's sleep can have a significant impact on your health. Therefore, it is imperative to understand your sleep patterns which can benefit your health in the long run. Smart sleep IoT devices can monitor your sleep cycles and movements and provide you with data to improve your sleep quality and routine.

7. Smart Control Plugs

With such IoT devices, you do not have to panic anymore when you are leaving certain appliances on. Smart control plugs allow you to set timers which can help with energy saving. Moreover, if you leave them on, you can also turn them off remotely from your office or garden. Thus, making your life easier.

8. Smart Smoke Detectors

Smart smoke detectors installed inside your home are crucial. Such IoT devices are the best way to protect your family more unexpected circumstances. They tell where exactly the problem is inside your home so that you can avoid that area. In the worst scenario, such devices can also detect how quickly the fire is spreading inside the home. The more advanced can even use your VoIP.ms line to call an alarm center or an emergency service.

9. Smart Watches

Smartwatches function in the same way as smart fitness trackers but offer much more functionality. Using smartwatches, you can communicate with your colleagues and join meetings with your office team members using VoIP technology. You can also send and receive emails on the go. Therefore, making your work life much easier. If your smartwatch is paired with a smartphone, you can also order it to place a call using the application of your choice and your VoIP.ms number!

10. Smart Lock

Smart locks are another useful type of IoT device that is meant to improve your peace of mind. These systems attach on top of your home locks and only unlock when someone approaches your smartphone. Moreover, these IoT devices allow you to lock the home remotely as well. Thus, providing greater home security.

Smart Lock Access Control and VoIP.ms Sequence Feature: A game changer

In today’s digital world, people are required to press specific digits on the smart lock to get access to office premises and/or their homes. However, with the increasing usage of sophisticated systems, cyber-attacks are also becoming more sophisticated. It means that no system is unbreakable.

By using VoIP.ms sequence feature, you can add an extra level of security to your smart lock IoT devices. The sequence feature offered by VoIP.ms allows you to combine DTMF, voice recordings, and/or SMS messages. You could for instance set everything so that every time someone accesses the entry door, you get a SMS message. Therefore, the VoIP.ms sequence feature would help you keep a close eye on who gets access to your office or home.

Final Thoughts

IoT technology has revolutionized the way people perform their day-to-day activities. It has provided more comfort and convenience to consumers than what they have been used to experience in the past. As the technology continues to evolve and provide different use cases, it is a no-brainer that more and more people will continue to adopt such devices in the future. From communication to fitness, maintenance, and security – IoT devices have found applications in almost every aspect of human life.


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